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M&M in the CC:  June 1, 2015
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Hollo.... er I mean Hello everybody!
Sorry I didn't to get to email last week.  The flight was great, and here I am, safe and sound! There is so SO much I could write about, but since I can't, I'll just hit the highlights!! So, the title of this Post has to do with the fact that I am with the best Trainer/companion in the whole wide world, and her name is Sister Mickelsen. We are serving in the Columbia City ward, which is in, yes, FORT WAYNE, INDIANA! So M&M are rocking it in the CC. 
There are a few things I have learned about Indiana since being here.
1: There is a LOT of rain this time of year. Should've packed some rain boots. And a raincoat. And one of those bubble hamster balls you can roll around in. That might be the only thing that could keep me dry! But the work moves on, and I am sure once summer roles around I'll be praying for rain again!
2: Fort Wayne is called the City of Churches.... my admiration for Joseph Smith has shot up since being here. Who would've thought that the concept of baptism would be so hard to explain? Everyone here has already been baptized... sometimes multiple times! 
3: There are a plethora of geese, bunnies, and ponds in this city. Literally, I have never seen so many of all of those things since being here. Weird, but true.
Anyway, my first week in the field has been absolutely fantastic!! I can't even describe how happy I am. The work here is quite different from what I thought it would be like (my previous knowledge coming strictly from the movie "The Best Two Years"). We try not to knock very many doors, at least not randomly. We try to follow referrals, and then we do something called the 2-2-5 principle. Which is where you knock 2 doors to the left, 2 doors to the right and then the 5 doors across the street from the house you actually know about. Apparently this is super effective, and makes us look less like traveling saleswomen. They also have a knocking system here, you always knock three times. Once for their salvation (then you wait), once for your salvation (more waiting), and once for the Holy Ghost to work. We have found quite a few new investigators that way, so I guess it is inspired!
We get to drive cars here, which is really nice! But it isn't quite what you would think. Because we have limited miles and a pretty spread out area, we usually park in a neighborhood and then walk all around it. But this is good because we get a lot more street contacts that way! Also, if anyone in the mission gets in a preventable car accident, all of the cars in the mission are grounded, and we have a car fast! We had one of those on Friday, so we did lots of walking. While we were walking, I innocently pointed to a cornfield across the street, and someone almost took my arm off driving like a thousand miles per hour. Did I mention there are no sidewalks here? Because there aren't. So be grateful I still have all four limbs after that day.
The members here are awesome. They are always so willing to feed us, and drive us (when our miles are low or to church, which is a half an hour away) and give us cookies, and most importantly, to come to lessons with us. MEMBERS AT A LESSON MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. So every non-missionary reading this, call up the missionaries in your area and volunteer to go out with them. It will make their day, and hasten the work immensely. Not to mention spiritually boost you up!
On my second day here, I got to teach a young 14 year old girl named Mary the story of the restoration. We drew it out on the sidewalk with chalk, and then taught her about Joseph Smith. The Spirit was so strong when I was testifying, and as I recited the first vision story in Joseph Smith's own words, my testimony of their truthfulness increased a hundred fold. (So when you are struggling with your testimony, share it. The Holy Ghost witnesses of the truth, for both you and the person you are talking to.) She said she wanted to be baptized, so pray for her mother (Swan) to soften her heart and let them come to church.
I love you all, keep writing and emailing me, I love hearing from you, and will reply as soon as I can.
Heavenly Father is there. I have seen his hand in my life everyday, every hour, every minute. Pray for His Spirit always, and He will help you, no matter what you are going through. I am so grateful I get to share that with the people of Fort Wayne.
Sister Matthews 

P.S. My new address is: 6628 Farmswood Dr, Apt 2b (or not 2b, that is the real question), Fort Wayne IN, 46804 

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